Propel® Orthodontics

Propel Orthodontics in NYC patients

The Propel System offers accelerated tooth movement for orthodontic patients, increasing predictability of tooth movement and decreasing overall treatment time needed to achieve the desired results. Propel even makes orthodontic treatment more comfortable.

Propel can be used in conjunction with any type of fixed or removable orthodontic treatment including brackets and wires, removable appliances such as headgear or aligner trays or fixed appliances such as palatal expanders. The system is used to stimulate an immune response that facilitates advanced and accelerated tooth movement for targeted areas where significant tooth movement is desired.

With the Propel VPro+, you’ll be able to speed up the movement of your teeth with only 5 minutes of daily use. Benefits of Propel VPro+ include:

  • Accelerated tooth movement, reducing treatment time by up to 64%
  • Reduced discomfort
  • More predictable orthodontic results
  • Can also be used with Invisalign and retainers

If you’re interested in using the Propel VPro+ to enhance and accelerate your orthodontic treatment, ask us about how to get started during your next appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Propel Orthodontics

How much does Propel Orthodontics cost?

The at-home Propel Orthodontics device, the VPro+, costs $500. This cost is not covered by dental insurance, but if the price is an issue, we offer in-house financing programs and CareCredit.

How does Propel work?

The Propel VPro+ is a handheld device that sends high frequency vibrations through your teeth and into the jawbone. You’ll place the mouthpiece in your mouth, bite down gently, and turn on your device. Propel also has an app that can help you keep track of your usage and sync with your device, although using this is optional—the VPro+ will still work without the app.

How much pressure should be applied when using the VPro+?

Biting down hard on your device won’t lead to better results. You only need to bite hard enough to keep the device from falling out of your mouth—that is to say, you shouldn’t have to apply much pressure at all.

Is Propel Orthodontics safe?

Yes, Propel is a patented, FDA-cleared technology backed by university research that uses gentle high frequency vibrations to move teeth faster. There are no risks involved in using Propel devices.

Does Propel Orthodontics hurt?

No, you won’t experience any pain while using your Propel device. In fact, Propel has been shown to make orthodontic treatment more comfortable for patients.

What is Propel with Invisalign?

You can use a Propel device with Invisalign to achieve faster results, so many patients opt to pair the two treatments. When using Propel and Invisalign together, you’ll wear your aligners while using the Propel device.

Can I use Propel Orthodontics twice a day?

There’s no evidence that suggests that using your Propel device more frequently or for longer periods of time will further accelerate your orthodontic treatment, so it’s best to just stick with the recommended 5 minutes a day.