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Here at Jennifer Stachel Orthodontics, we consider ourselves an esthetic practice and do our best to make going through orthodontics as wonderful as the end result:  a straight, beautiful smile!

Braces are used to assist in aligning and straightening teeth in order to not only improve appearance, but improve a person’s bite. Having braces isn’t just about improving your smile, but it’s also about improving your overall dental health.

Orthodontics may be used to correct malocclusions such as overbites, underbites, cross bites, deep bites, crooked teeth and other flaws of the teeth and jaws. Braces may be used in conjunction with other orthodontic appliances to help with making corrections to a person’s bite.

Dental technology has improved over the years to include new options to help correct the above issues, and there are a number of techniques and products available today that were not available just a few short years ago. The patient experience has improved and today’s options are less conspicuous than the full braces that were common in the past.

Our Services

Dr. Stachel is a proud provider of Invisalign® clear aligners! Invisalign® is an excellent orthodontic treatment today because of the huge advantages it offers while still delivering the same quality as regular braces.

There are several new options in orthodontics today that produce high quality results and could be right for you. Clear Ceramic braces are popular with adults and teenagers who want the results of braces without the look of metal. Your visit will begin with a consultation with the doctor to go over the best alternatives for your orthodontic care. Dr. Stachel will address any questions you may have regarding your treatment and will provide a plan for orthodontic therapy.

Ceramic, or clear, braces are made of a translucent, clear material that makes them much less noticeable than metal braces. Their ability to blend in makes them very popular with adults and older teens. Ceramic brackets can be more fragile than metal braces and can also be abrasive to tooth enamel, so often ceramic brackets will only be used on the upper teeth. However, depending on your needs, they can also be added to the bottom teeth.  The ceramic braces we use won’t stain or discolor, so they will maintain the same attractive appearance throughout your entire treatment.

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Incognito® lingual braces are attached to the inside surface of the tooth which makes them practically invisible and provides cosmetic orthodontic treatment without the distraction of typical braces. If you give  frequent presentations to audiences or clients and would like to maintain a professional image while getting a great smile, Incognito® braces are an excellent choice. Because they are made from a gold alloy, Incognito® braces are ideal for patients with allergies to the nickel in more traditional braces.

Damon® Braces are known as “self ligating” braces that employ specialized brackets that allow the archwire to slide back and forth within the bracket. Damon® Braces do not need elastic or steel ties to hold the wire in place, increasing patient comfort and reducing the number of necessary and treatment time.  These specialized brackets are more efficient and effective, and provide an overall straighter smile at the completion of treatment.

Dr. Jenn customizes Invisalign® aligners to provide her patients with excellent results!

Invisalign® is a state-of-the-art alternative to braces that is virtually undetectable to other people. Invisalign® straightens your teeth, not with brackets or wires, but with a series of clear, customized, removable appliances called aligners. Invisalign® uses the latest 3-D computer technology to create your customized aligners. After we determine what you’d like to correct, your orthodontist will develop precise treatment instructions. Invisalign® uses advanced computer technology to translate those instructions into a sequence of finely calibrated aligners – as few as 12 or as many as 48. You’ll wear each aligner for about two weeks and only take it out for eating, brushing, and flossing. As you replace each aligner with the next, your teeth will move – gradually – week by week, until they move into the final alignment your orthodontist prescribed. Then, you’ll be smiling like you’ve never smiled before.

AcceleDent® uses SoftPulse Technology ™ to help your current orthodontic treatment work faster. It does this by generating small vibrations called micropulses to gently accelerate the movement of your teeth as they are guided by your orthodontics. The micro pulses can also help to make your orthodontic experience more comfortable.

  • Proven – Demonstrated safe and effective in US clinical trials
  • Safe – Cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration and available only prescription from your orthodontist
  • Simple – Requires on 20 minutes a day of hands-free use at home, so you can text, read, watch TV or listen to music
Propel® is a minimally invasive treatment that is scientifically proven to stimulate bone to remodel faster, accelerating the movement of individual teeth by up to 50% faster. To learn more, visit:

Both removeable and fixed PEDs can be used to address crowding and other issues by expanding the upper jaw to make more room to accommodate tooth and/or jaw alignment.

The Forsus Appliance is an innovative new treatment for malocclusions, or overbites. A fixed appliance that is attached to the upper back teeth and the lower middle teeth to gently adjust the bite, the Forsus Appliance eliminates or reduces the need for elastics, reducing treatment times and resulting in better orthodontic outcomes.

Once treatment is complete, a retainer is worn for a period of time, usually just at night. The retainer helps maintain the new smile and also allows for small adjustments, if needed, once the braces have been removed.

At Stachel Orthodontics, we provide our patients with Vivera® retainers at the end of their orthodontic treatment. Each patient receives four retainers rather than one, because we believe in maintaining our patients throughout their life.


Teeth whitening is the procedure used to brighten teeth. There are two different ways to achieve a desired whiter smile, In-Office Whitening and At-Home Whitening.

In-Office Whitening usually requires only one office visit. A protective gel or a rubber shield is placed over the gums to protect the soft tissue. A whitening agent is applied to the teeth, and a laser light is then used to enhance the action of the whitening agent.

At-Home whitening requires an impression of the teeth to be taken to make a customized mouth guard to hold the whitening gel against the teeth. Once the mouth guard is made, it is worn for a period of time, as instructed by our office. The amount of time may vary from a couple hours a day, or all night, for up to four weeks or longer, if desired.

Dental monitoring a revolutionary new service that allows your orthodontist to track your progress in real time through an app on your smartphone.

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TruDenta is a holistic approach to chronic headaches and related symptoms that actually treats the root of the problem rather than simply masking the symptoms.

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Sterilization Techniques

Routine orthodontic treatment does not include invasive procedures, which means there are no needle injections. However, knowing that the universal precautions for infection control are being followed should reassure you that Dr. Stachel and her orthodontic team have your health and safety in mind. For this reason, we protect our patients against avoidable risks by utilizing the best safety and sterilization methods available.In our office, the following methods are used for preventative infectious disease control:

  • Individually wrapped disposable toothbrushes are supplied for our patients.
  • Gloves are worn for all patient procedures and are changed for each patient.
  • Disposable masks are worn at all times.
  • All sharp items such as arch wires and ligature ties are discarded in special puncture resistant containers.
  • Properly disposing of waste items and contaminated material.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of instruments to thoroughly clean intricate instrument surfaces more thoroughly and more rapidly than by hand.
  • All of our instruments are placed in a “cassette” and each “cassette” is individually wrapped; they are sterilized by Autoclave sterilization (steam under high pressure).
  • The use of disposable items is another way Dr. Stachel maintains a sanitary and safe environment. Many orthodontic materials such as gloves, masks, disposable coverings, ligatures and arch wires are used only once and then disposed of in various ways that meet the recommended guidelines.

We welcome your questions about orthodontics and infection control. We want you to feel comfortable when visiting our office – knowing that your health is our foremost concern.