Damon Braces®

The Damon system is an advanced treatment option that takes an innovative approach to orthodontics. At first glance, Damon Clear braces may seem like any other ceramic braces on the market, but take a closer look and you’ll notice that the brackets are self-ligating. This means there are no elastic ties holding the archwires in place. Damon Clear braces are an option to any patient who wants a discreet orthodontic solution that is effective in treating a wide range of bite and alignment issues.

What makes Damon braces different is that they have a slide mechanism to attach the wires to your brackets, which means you’ll spend less time getting your wires tightened and elastic ties replaced. The advanced memory wires used by the Damon system moves teeth in a precise, controlled manner, with less pressure than traditional braces, making them more comfortable. As your teeth shift into place, the wires tighten themselves.

Benefits of Damon Clear Braces®

Damon Clear braces are a popular choice for our patients because:

    • Damon Clear braces are virtually invisible
    • Treatment time is shorter than with traditional braces
    • Fewer manual adjustments are needed
    • Damon Clear braces are more comfortable than traditional braces
    • There’s less damage to the tooth enamel because Damon braces produce less friction
    • Eliminating plastic ties makes oral hygiene easier
    • With Damon braces, palatal expanders and extractions are rarely needed
    • Damon braces produce improved facial aesthetics, with a fuller smile, better facial balance, smoother cheek contours, and an improved profile

Frequently Asked Questions About Damon Braces®

Do Damon braces cost more?

Damon Clear costs slightly more than traditional clear braces, but the difference is usually negligible. During your consultation with us, we can provide you with a cost comparison to help you make your decision.

Do Damon braces work faster?

Yes, the unique design of Damon braces means they work faster than traditional braces. With the Damon system, your treatment time can be up to six months shorter.

Do Damon braces hurt more?

No, Damon braces hurt less! They are designed to move teeth with less pressure than traditional braces, which means Damon braces are more comfortable.

Do Damon braces widen your smile?

Yes, one of the benefits of Damon braces is that they can widen your smile by expanding your upper and lower arches. The result is a fuller, more beautiful smile.

Are Damon braces better than Invisalign?

Invisalign and Damon Clear are both excellent orthodontic systems that produce impressive results. Every patient is different, though, so choosing the best system comes down to your orthodontic needs, treatment goals, lifestyle, and personal preferences. During your consultation with us, we’ll go over your options and help you make the best choice for your needs.

Do Damon braces get tightened?

Damon braces tighten themselves as your teeth move. This means you won’t need to get your wires tightened at our office—you’ll just need to come in periodically so we can monitor your progress and make sure your teeth are moving as expected.