Dental Monitoring

Dental monitoring a revolutionary new service using an app that allows your orthodontist to track your progress in real time using your smartphone. This means fewer appointments and better outcomes!

Here's How it Works:

  1. Your personalized DM App is a new connection to your Doctor. Your ScanBox will help you take scans of your smile in two minutes. This will provide all the necessary information about the evolution of your treatment to your Doctor. Your next appointment could take place on the beach! Easy, isn’t it?

  2. Your Doctor receives regular notifications on your treatment as a result of your scans. You will receive treatment updates and advices in the DM in-App messaging system. Your doctor has the ability to connect to you whenever it is necessary, without having to ask you to book an appointment!

  3. The unique photo morphing technology is available on your App so you can watch how your teeth are moving. Your progress is updated every time you take new scan. How cool is that?

woman holding up phone to mouth for dental scan

What Can You Expect from Dental Monitoring?

3-D Modeling: Your orthodontist will upload a 3-D model of your existing smile to the Dental Monitoring cloud storage. This serves a baseline against which all future photos are measured.

Smartphone App: You will download an easy to use smartphone app that lets you upload photos of your smile.

Cheek Retractor: You will receive a cheek retractor with 4 dots on the front that help our algorithm identify the regions of your mouth.

Photos: As directed by your orthodontist, you will take and upload photos of your smile. They will be analyzed by our algorithm and checked by one of our orthodontists.

Dashboard: Your orthodontist will receive your photos, along with the results of our analysis, on her Dental Monitoring dashboard to access at any time.

GoLive: If you use Invisalign or a similar aligner treatment, Dental Monitoring GoLive technology ensures that you change aligners at the optimal time by sending a GO or NO-GO message to your smartphone. Your orthodontist retains the ability to override the Dental Monitoring suggestion at any time.

Dr. Jennifer Stachel is a New York City dental specialist who has completed an advance post-doctoral course, accredited by the American Dental Association, in the specialty of orthodontics. Dr. Stachel is currently a member of the American Association of Orthodontists, American Dental Association and the New York State Dental Association. If you are ready for an orthodontics evaluation from a caring and trusted professional, call Stachel Orthodontics today at (212) 877-7177.