Braces Questions


Am I a candidate for Invisalign?
Most people are candidates for Invisalign. Invisalign can correct most malocclusions as well as braces. We recommend scheduling a complementary consultation, so we can gather the necessary information and provide you with treatment options that suit your individual needs.

Are Invisalign attachments/buttons necessary?
Invisalign attachments/buttons are used to aid tooth movement. Some movements are better accomplished with them such as bringing a tooth down to align with the others or rotations. Sometimes every tooth needs an attachment and sometimes only a few teeth need attachments. It is important that your doctor knows when, where and what attachments should be placed. It is the experience of the Doctor that produces great results not the Invisalign system itself. You can give a hammer (Invisalign) and nails (attachments) to anyone, but not everyone can build a beautiful structurally sound house.

Why should I choose Jennifer Stachel Orthodontics for my Invisalign treatment?
Dr. Jennifer Stachel has many years of experience and training with Invisalign. She prides herself in providing individualized care by customizing the Invisalign aligners. She spends time building a thorough treatment plan that will produce superior results.

Accelerated Treatment

Is Acceledent/Propel worth it?
Patients are loving accelerated treatment. They find that it seats their aligners which moves their teeth more effectively allowing them to change their aligners more frequently.

Is Acceledent/Propel easy to use?
Patients find the devices very easy to use. They love the fact that it decreases their discomfort levels. Other features that they love are that they are portable and turn off automatically.

Why should I choose Jennifer Stachel Orthodontics for my accelerated treatment?
We have various accelerated treatment options and will help you choose which one is right for you.

Teeth Whitening

What is the most effective teeth whitening system?
For many people, the most effective is deep whitening. It is a combination method consisting of whitening at home and in the office.

How long does the sensitivity last after whitening?
Not everyone experiences sensitivity after whitening. People with gum tissue recession or sensitive teeth in general seem to experience the most discomfort. Sensitivity is frustrating, but it usually dissipates after 24 hours.

Why would I choose Jennifer Stachel Orthodontics for my teeth whitening procedure?
Choosing the right dentist to brighten your smile can be grueling. There are so many different techniques. With so many options available to our patients, we can inform you as to which technique will work best for your teeth.

Why should you choose Jennifer Stachel Orthodontics?

  1. We provide 5-star service and a fabulous swag bag when you start treatment
  2. We pride ourselves on having many aesthetic treatment options including Invisalign, clarity braces, Damon clear braces and Incognito (lingual braces). Metal braces are a thing of the past
  3. We include Propel with treatment to help seat Invisalign aligners and decrease discomfort in general
  4. Accelerated tooth movement options are available as well.
  5. Lower permanent retainers are included with upper and lower removable retainers to prevent relapse.
  6. A take home whitening kit is included at the end of treatment to give your already amazing smile a final touch.
  7. Finally, you are entitled to one yearly complementary retention/maintenance visit to ensure that you will continue to have a beautiful smile

Why wouldn’t you choose Jennifer Stachel Orthodontics to give you the smile that you deserve?