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Choosing the Right Orthodontist

When you are researching the best orthodontist for your needs, there are a few things to look for that may help you with your decision.

Credentials and Experience

Most orthodontic websites include a biography of the orthodontists. It’s important to read through them to familiarize yourself with the orthodontist’s history and background. His or her number of years in practice, societies and organizations for which they are members, involvement in the community, areas of special focus, and any awards, honors, or recognition they have earned are some good ways to gain an idea of their experience and skill level. Although choosing an orthodontist that looks good on paper does not mean he or she is the best orthodontist for you. You should feel this doctor has a great bedside manner and truly cares about you and your goals.

Testimonials and Patient Reviews

Reading about the experiences of other patients at an orthodontic practice can be very helpful in formulating an idea of what you can expect. The testimonials can not only help you with learning about how knowledgeable the orthodontist is but also how well the doctor communicates with the patient creating trust. Trusting your doctor with your care is very important. Many practice websites often have a page devoted to orthodontic patient testimonials, and there are a variety of third-party review sites that include individual patient reviews of orthodontists and orthodontic practices. These can be good resources for viewing several different opinions and gaining more information about the orthodontist helping you determine if he or she is the best orthodontist for you.

Orthodontic Treatment Before-and-After Photos

Does the orthodontist have a page on their website or before-and-after photos on social media featuring before-and-after photos? Viewing before-and-after photos featuring treatment outcomes by your prospective orthodontist can help you decide if they are delivering an outcome that you feel is the best for you. Many orthodontists also showcase specific treatments, so if you already have an idea of the procedure you may need, a set of before-and-after photos can help you visualize the potential outcome. If you are unable to access these photos in the above locations, many times they have before-and-after photos in a book in their office. You can request to see them.

At the end of the day, choosing the best orthodontist for you is the one who listens and you trust will understand and execute your treatment goals while giving you the exceptional experience that you deserve. 

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